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Obadiah Franklin's Ministry - Light to a dark world.

Within the short video below, learn about a preacher who since the year 2002 has traveled 365 days kneeling under a cross at busy intersections all across America and Israel. He has walked the cross from Bethlehem to Jerusalem.

He has appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor", Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC Nightly News, Christianity Today, CTN, TBN, many live TV, Radio talk shows, and headlined in many newspapers that have interviewed him. He is often invited into churches, public and Christian schools both a motivational speaker as well a minister. He humbly hides his face with his hat and lifts up Jesus. During interviews of any kind he reminds people that it's all about Jesus and not him.Three years ago, at a revival service, God spoke to him and asked him to reach a whole city for Christ.
"Touch the entire city," Franklin says. He said, that he told God that "I am no Billy Graham".
However, God told him to be quiet and God would show him what to do. The cross that he carries weighs close to 100 pounds and is made of cedar 4x4's. His red clothes symbolize the blood of Jesus, as does the red paint on the cross. "The blood of Christ is the only antidote for the deadliest pandemic in the history of the human race, which is sin.
" Many lives have changed because of new faith they have placed in Jesus right there on the sidewalk, not to mention the hundreds of people that see him from the road everyday.

For prayer requests please list on our prayer page. For urgent prayer requests Obadiah Franklin is available by email address.






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