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This website is dedicated to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We all have a gift that God gives to us all. It is important to share the love of Jesus through the gifts that we all were given. Even a glass of water shared in the name of Jesus is sharing God's gift of Jesus with others.  I encourage you on your journey to God's Kingdom.
Live your life honest before God and ask him to speak to you and he will. For those who may not find God before his return please read the bible and understand that you can still come to the Kingdom of God if you believe in Jesus name and do not take the mark of the anti-Christ. In those days you will know because you will not be able to buy or sell without it. ***Click here to start a relationship with Jesus.***

***Click here to hear personal stories on God speaks***
God bless you all with the love of Jesus. - Joseph A. Thomas

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